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Richmond Oral Cancer

Ask your dentist about oral cancer during your next examination

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is a dangerous and potentially fatal form of cancer that affects the inside of your mouth and your throat. It can be caused by smoking and tobacco use and has also been linked to the presence of the HPV virus.

We perform an oral cancer screening every time we examine your mouth. During the screening we are looking for the traces of oral cancer, which may appear as bumps, small lesions, or discoloured areas in your mouth.

If we detect signs that may indicate the presence of cancerous tissue, you may need further tests or a biopsy to determine if oral cancer is present.


For your comfort we offer an enhanced early detection oral cancer exam using VELscope screening technology. VELscope works by using a special light that we shine on the inside of your mouth and throat. Under this light, abnormal tissue will appear different than the tissue around it, which could indicate the presence of cancer.

VELscope examinations are normally covered by your dental insurance. Ask our office for more information.

To learn more about oral cancer, or to book an oral cancer exam, call us today!